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  4 July
  Xmas 2001

As with all personal web sites you are required to have pictures of your friends, family and favorite places to go. In this section I uphold this proud tradition.

My wife purchased a nice Sony digital camera for me in mid May so that I can post pictures from our July vacation. I explained to her that this would allow our family to share in our fun without being there. What I didn't tell her is that it will be great for taking pictures of stuff that I am going to sell on Ebay… like all of her NFL Dolphins stuff.

Most of these pictures will only be of interest to my family but others may find some of them humorous. Enjoy.

February 11, 2007 - It has been a while since there were new pictures so here are three new ones

How to get a cat tree home Cats in the tree Dax during a typical day

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