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  4 July
  Xmas 2001

General Pictures

These are some pictures of my family and friends
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Dax in bed

This is my youngest son, Dax, in bed. As you can see he is quite the ham. May 6, 2001

GT hiding his face

My oldest son, GT, playing at being shy. May 7, 2001

Number 5

My cat, Number 5, has taught me that I am a cat person and not a dog person. May 6, 2001

Dax underwater

Dax during swimming lessons. May 31, 2001

Dax during swimming lessons

Another shot of Dax at swimming lessons. June 2001

GT on the phone

GT being a typical 13 year old. May 31, 2001

Dax with chocolate milk on his face

Mr. Chocolate face. May 31, 2001

GT with trimmer

GT hard at work. June 25, 2001

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