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SFO was established in 1994 as a "Not for Profit" Corporation in Florida, USA to allow the average person to be involved in and to contribute to the exploration of space. SFO has members in much the same way that Credit Unions and Churches do but at the same time offers the opportunity to become deeply involved in the mission of the corporation.

SFO and its Directors believe that the exploration of space is a human endeavor of the largest kind and will inevitably involve many more people than the whole space arena does today. SFO has developed a concept of a large space base as part of its exploration plan (SEP) and is currently refining the SEP in order to attract financing for the venture. All currently published details are available at or in the downloads section of this site.

The SFO plan is purely commercial in scope and funding and should result in a major increase in human space capability within ten years of the start date. Ultimately we wish to offer the opportunity for many people to go into space to live and work

I joined Space Frontier Operations many years ago hoping it was a dream that would come true. After much frustration, tears, money and work it looks like it will happen. We finally have a plan that is both technically and financially possible and we may have our first launch in less than 10 years.

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