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  4 July
  Xmas 2001

Thrill Ride Pictures

This page is dedicated to thrill ride firsts. Both of my kids firsts as well as one of my most thrilling are here.

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GT on Splash Mountain

Riding next to me on his first thrill ride is GT. A close family friend, Shawn Greer, is in the front

Ride: Splash Mountain
Location: Disney World, Florida
Factoid: 45 degree angle, 5 story drop
Date: May 1996
GT's age: 8

Blaine and George dieing on the big shot

This was one of the most thrilling rides to me because you start 921 feet in the air and GO UP! (I am afraid of heights). My good friend, Blaine Helmick, is the fish out of water next to me.

Ride: Big Shot
Location: Las Vegas
Factoid: The ride sits on top the Stratosphere hotel 912 feet in the air.
4G acceleration to 1,081 feet
Date: November 1998

Dax on Journey to Atlantis

Dax's first thrill ride, he is in the front row with me. Behind us is my wife Nina.

Ride: Journey to Atlantis
Location: Sea World, Florida
Factoid: 60 feet, nearly straight down
Date: April 2001
Dax's age: 6

Jurasic park ride April 2002

AGT's 8th grade trip was to Universal Studios and I was conned into being a chaperone. Here I am with my group going down the falls in the Jurassic park ride. You will notice an absence of GT who said he was feeling ill and sat out this ride.

Ride: Jurassic Park, The Ride
Location: Universal Studios, Florida
Factoid: The ride goes through a facility based on the movie Jurassic Park and just like the movie something goes wrong. The ride ends as you suddenly go down a waterfall escaping an hungry T-Rex.
Date: April 2002

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