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An explanation of the current items on this site:

Pictures: Pictures of my family and I as well as events and outings I have gone to. Updated May 14, 2002

TalonDigital: This is old news. They are still in operation providing excellent hosting service and occasionally I will work with them on a project but my new love is at Orbital Commerce Project Updated December 21, 2005

SFO: Items related to Space Frontier Operations, Inc. I co-authored and presented Innovative Financing of a Large Space Project at the 38th Space Congress. Both the paper and the presentation have been posted here as well as other related items. Update January 1, 2006: Since I put this website together I have left SFO to form Orbital Commerce Project, Inc. (OCP) a for profit corporation dedicated to training personnel for the private commercial spaceflight industry. I have also had two other papers published and they can be found in the RESUME section or on the OCP website.

Resume: My resume and published papers. Updated December 19, 2005

Contact Me: Different means to talk to me as well as time and place of any events I will be attending.

George Tyson

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Updated December 20, 2005