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The best way to start off the about me section is to state my priorities:

1. God
2. Family & Friends
3. Work

By the grace of God I was able to survive the foolishness of my youth and learned what is truly important in this world. It is not money, power or "things". It is heavenly forgiveness, the love of my family and the closeness of friends. Wealth is measured by how many people care about you and how many will stand by you during the good times and the bad. Who will give you a hand when you are down, even though they themselves may be about to fall, who will love you no mater how many stupid things you do. I know this is true wealth because I am a very wealthy man.

Along the way of life I stumbled upon a woman who will love me to the ends of the earth and beyond. She is extremely intelligent and other than one really bad mistake (falling in love with me) she has shown excellent judgement. She is the steady hand in this family and I would be lost with out her. Over time she has given me two wonderful sons who, with the grace of God, will become fine upstanding adults and a credit to the human race.

I am blessed with many close friends. The loyalty and love that they have shown me over the years is far beyond what I deserve. Many of them have sacrificed much because they believe in me and want to stand by me no matter what. To be fair I must state that I would do the same. If I call you friend it means that I will be there to help when you need me even if I have to go through hell first.

Work has been a challenge. The corporate world of today does not value honesty and integrity but only money. People are a means to an end and as such should be used and tossed aside when no longer needed. I believe this is wrong, people are the end. A business is formed to serve both the people in it as well as customers. It does have to make money to survive but it should not be at the expense of people. I do not fit well within a standard company because I refuse to accept the mantra of "it's only business". Business is personal and we will be judged on what we do at work as much as what we do on our own time.

I hope that this has given you a better understanding of who I am and what I believe. I need to get off the soapbox now because it has become a bit unstable and it would be a nasty fall (at least I wasn't on my high horse).

Please enjoy rest of the site.

George R. Tyson

Update December 21, 2005: The good lord has decided that we are to go through a terrible trial; my wife is dying of colon cancer. As of this date she has days, possible a couple of months to live. I do not know why God has had this terrible thing befall such a wonderful and loving women but I am sure he has his reasons.

She has been my best friend, my lover and my moral guide, without her I will be lost and I will have lost the biggest blessing I have ever received. My God bless her and keep her.

Update December 30, 2005: After a valiant struggle the first great blessing I ever received lost her struggle to cancer. My wife passed quietly during the night and is now in the arms of God. May she find peace and happiness and I look forward to the day we meet again.

The funeral will be held at the University Baptist Church, 14707 Sussex Drive ,Orlando (map), at 11:00 am Monday January 2. In lieu of flowers please donate to the C 3 Colo Rectal Foundation,, 202-244-2906 or the Lance Armstrong Foundation,, 512-236-8820.

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